R2R - Soldier Kidd

R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R

R2R - Soldier Kidd - 歌詞 - LYRICS

R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
And umma get it

Started off in the game they ain't want to give me nothing
But I ain't worried bout it turn it into something
One of the Young niggas hanging like a big dawg
20 Years old and its crazy I done seen it all
Got some Peach Amsterdam drinking back to back
Cause they kill my brother I couldn't even imagine that
No looking back Im DUI driving to the riches
On this rocky road man I don’t see them bitches
Got the Urkel got the purple and I'm feeling right
Riding circles same route all night
I could give the game but you gotta listen to me
From the outside listen you might even feel
Something like a pep talk something like a pimp story

R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R

Hear go the blueprint they started out doubting me
A blessing in desize but you gotta see
Chalk a plan for this music to have me knee deep
A young Ray Charles this music shit ain't easy
See listen homie you gotta put your struggle in it
Gotta put your hustle in it
I thought that why you thuggin' ain't it
So many people cross me but now I read them like a book
You can't look me in my eyes boy you a crook
This music shit crazy cause it a a really trick you
They smiling in your face but ain't no fucking picture
Step 1 Get your mental straight for all the hate
Step 2 Open your eyes and watch for all fake
Step 3 Realize these girls want something

R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R
R2R, R2R


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